C.H.E. Says Hockey is A.O.K!

As a local business Canadian Hockey Enterprises was thrilled to be a part of the Hockey Day weekend here in Peterborough.  For any of you who were fortunate enough to witness this year’s Hockey Day in Canada on CBC you can clearly understand why the day was so exciting.  Seeing hundreds of kids playing pond hockey on a perfect afternoon in front of the iconic Liftlocks brought out the passion for hockey that burns inside everyone who’s ever played the game.  Passion is what CHE is all about and with hockey camps and tournaments for men, women, boys and girls; believe us when we say that Hockey is alive and thriving!


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Welcome to the CHE blog!

Greetings hockey players, parents, coaches, managers and fans, and welcome to the brand new blog from Canadian Hockey Enterprises.

We’re planning to have at least one new post each week and the staff here at CHE are excited to present and discuss a wide variety of topics relating to hockey and travel. Since we offer hockey camps and tournaments for boy’s, girls’s, men and women there’s no corner of the hockey world we won’t touch upon at one point or another.

CHE encourages everyone to participate in this forum no matter their opinion and look forward to discussing and debating in the weeks and months to come.


Photo taken in December 2012, at the head office in Peterborough, Ontario