C.H.E. Says Hockey is A.O.K!

As a local business Canadian Hockey Enterprises was thrilled to be a part of the Hockey Day weekend here in Peterborough.  For any of you who were fortunate enough to witness this year’s Hockey Day in Canada on CBC you can clearly understand why the day was so exciting.  Seeing hundreds of kids playing pond hockey on a perfect afternoon in front of the iconic Liftlocks brought out the passion for hockey that burns inside everyone who’s ever played the game.  Passion is what CHE is all about and with hockey camps and tournaments for men, women, boys and girls; believe us when we say that Hockey is alive and thriving!


Our CHE hockey camp staff battled through blizzard conditions and cold feet on Friday in front of the Liftlocks.  The constant accumulation of snow made it tough to run drills, but the chance to see 6 – 10 year old players compete in the snow with NHL greats such as Lanny MacDonald and Steve Larmer was truly inspirational and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

CHE (373)

We know hockey is alive because we spend every summer at the arena running hockey camps, which we’ve been running since our very first hockey camp in Ennismore back in 1987.  We’ve since moved to the Evinrude Center in Peterborough and now have more than 20 different programs for boys, girls and adults each summer.  From July 1 – 12 our Just for Girls programs are the perfect camps for girls who are new to the sport or players looking to move to the next level and feature instruction from Canadian Olympians.  From July 8 – August 23 we have 15 different programs for boys and girls that cater to all ages and skill levels.  We also have a camp for men and women July 8 – 12 where adults can learn the game or just work on some skills for their pick-up game.  We also run camps in Lake Placid, NY., Traverse City, MI., Canmore, AB., Kelowna, BC., Whistler, BC., and Las Vegas, NV.

ImageWe know the game is thriving because we watch it all winter at our Youth Hockey Tournaments in Montreal and Lake Placid, NY.  Teams come from across North America to one of our 10 all-inclusive events and we see the smiles on their faces before, during and after each game; the same can be seen with adults.  CHE runs 30 tournaments in 15 great locations across North America for Men’s and Women’s recreational teams.  Whether we’re in Montreal or Vancouver, Atlantic City or Las Vegas we watch adults turn back into kids as soon as their skates hit the ice.


At Canadian Hockey Enterprises we know hockey is alive and thriving because hockey is what we do.  From hockey camps that are Just for Girls, to men’s recreational hockey tournaments, to pond hockey on the Trent canal, we see every day the passion for the game and the joy it brings to everyone involved.

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