Dan O’Toole in Kelowna!

imageThe Okanagan Valley is blessed with many things; ideal weather every season of the year, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains that are dotted with vineyards, and no bugs! None. Not a single mosquito in sight. But from April 19-21 the city of Kelowna was blessed with the presence of the one and only Dan O’Toole. Each year at a couple of chosen events CHE invites Dan to come and mingle with the men and women at our adult tournaments. He hops on the bench mid game and helps coach a team to victory, does post game interviews with the player of the game or just casually talks with players at the bar.

I thought Dan was pretty popular in eastern Canada, but I didn’t consider that his 1:00am EST broadcast is the 10:00pm broadcast in BC and I’ve never seen so many fans get excited to meet a sports broadcaster. The recent success of the Jay and Dan Podcast (#1 on iTunes) has helped to bolster his reputation as well, but the one thing that people can’t get over is also the basis for his success: he’s exactly the same as the man he plays on TV. He’s more than happy to take a few pictures, sign an autograph or just talk about sports, family or growing up on a farm.

I’ll be posting a photo collage of pictures I’ve received with Dan and some players onto our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/canadianhockeyenterprises) on Tuesday April 30th. Whichever picture receives the most likes within a week will receive a gift from CHE so go check them out and pick your favorite shots.

Graydon Crowley
Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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