20 Years Later Generals Win!!


Doug Fioroni and the Generals limped into Montreal, and the Canadian Cup expecting to have a great time as they usually do, and the unexpected happened…they won!

After 20 years participating in CHE tournaments in Niagara Falls, Florida and Montreal the Generals are already planning a Quebec City next year…they love Quebec! BTW the Generals are from Mike Kitchen territory near Bradford north of Toronto…so sad to hear of the passing of Bill Kitchen…I couldn’t believe that as I played against Bill for many years…we need to cherish our times on the planet and as Canadians we are lucky we have the great game of hockey to stay focused on friends, family and talking / playing hockey…what do the other countries do in the winter!!

Players on the Generals were going down memory lane that “they had hair ” when they first started with CHE!  I started recalling many of our first Montreal tourneys and  remarked that after 26 years the only thing that really changed in Montreal was we have a WORLD  CLASS brand spanking new arena complex, Isatis Sport Chambly Complex to showcase our tournament. Gone are the smelly rinks we used in Montreal for years,  bad ice and incredibly bad food that no one ever ate. What a difference..CHE is really committed at bringing quality facilities to our customers..check out the difference with CHE…congrats goes out to Stephane Malouin and his staff..

See you next year in Quebec City Doug…remember…the other teams are getting old too..

Paul Crowley


Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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