Halloween #tbt

We’re going back….way back….all the way back to Halloween 2011.


For this weeks Throwback Thursday we’re going to keep it in the family for the Halloween edition with a hockey twist.  It was October 30, 2011 and my little 4 year old nephew Owen was pumped about the spiderman costume he was going to wear the next day.  A little too excited.  He was literally bouncing around the rec room displaying his natural ability to shoot webs from his wrists and subsequently end up at that location that his energy and exuberance got the better of him.  A one foot wide table/bar, placed against the back of the couch would be little spidey’s undoing.  As he tried to pull himself onto this table he so recently caught with his webs, the narrow bar leaned back until it overcame Owen, knocking him on his back and landing right smack on his tiny, tiny nose.


The result was less than pleasant and young Owen was rushed to the hospital with a broken nose, a small cut requiring some stitches and a couple of beautiful shiners.  And the worse thing was, his face was too sore to wear the spiderman mask.  Luckily Owen comes from a family with a rich history of bloody noses and black eyes.  He comes from a hockey family and soon the tragedy was turned to triumph as the red and blue spidey costume was replaced with the red, gold, black and white of an Ottawa Senators jersey, and just like that, a hockey goon was born.


Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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