Kelowna, BC


For this weeks destination I’m going to take a closer look at another CHE tournament and camp destination; Kelowna, BC.  A hugely popular vacation destination in the summer and winter months, I’m going to argue that the best time to visit Kelowna is in the spring, and here’s why!


1.   Catch some end of season powder runs at Big White!

If there’s one thing I’ve always loved about Kelowna it’s the quickness of the transition from winter to summer activities that takes place during the month of April.  The sunny slopes of Big White Ski Resort has spring skiing at it’s finest and is known for late season powder and extremely mild temperatures at the same time.  There’s still a 2.5 meter base and with 51 cm of fresh snow in the past 7 days so don’t discount the Okanagan as a ski destination even though the weather in the valley can heat up to the mid 20’s.  Beginner or expert, grab your ski’s or board and head to Big White to cruise through the snow covered trees known locally as snow ghosts, or drop into some seriously steep powder over on The Cliff.


2.  Don’t ski, no problem….you can Golf instead.

Doesn’t make much sense in most places, but if you’ve gotten all of your skiing in for the season and are ready to trade your ski gear for golf clubs it’s not a problem.  The Okanagan seems to heat up faster than any other region on the planet, and with moderate temperatures at the valley floor throughout the winter, most courses in the region are open and ready to go by early April at the latest.    With some of the most scenic golf courses in the country, there’s no shortage of world class courses for you to start your golf season, because this is going to be the year that you finally break…..


3. Patio Season is already going.

It has been a long and cold winter for most of the country beyond never shoveling snow again there are a few things I’m really looking forward to doing again; not wearing a jacket, breaking out the flip flops and drinking on a patio with friends being t at the top of that list.  Here in Ontario, patio’s will be packed on the first days that reach +10 degrees or higher, but out in Kelowna spring temperatures can reach as high as +30, and patio season goes from closed to full on pretty quickly.  All beer tastes great, don’t get me wrong, but cold beer on a warm patio tastes a heck of a lot better, and the opportunity to possibly get that base tan going doesn’t hurt either.


4.  Mosquitoes, or lack there of.

I feel like I’m repeating myself in this post but it bears mentioning again….Kelowna is weird, and it doesn’t do spring like the rest of the country.  I love the spring!  It’s the time of year where everything comes back to life.  Buds start forming in the trees, birds start returning from their wintering grounds in the south and in most places, the bugs return in full force to make sure you don’t get to spend any time outside.  Well….not in Kelowna….Kelowna is different.  The leaves don’t fall, the lake doesn’t freeze and the bugs don’t exist.  You can leave your deet infused bug repellent at home and enjoy the warm temperatures in perfect tranquility without fear of being eaten by tiny flying vampires.  If nothing else on this list entices you this definitely should.













5.  It’s not really spring, it’s summer but without the tourists.

The best part about visiting Kelowna in the spring is that, well, it’s not really spring, it’s summer but with without the tourists.  You may miss out on seeing the actual grapes on the vines that will be plentiful in late summer, but you can still visit all of the beautiful vineyards in the region without competing with the swarms of tourists that smother them in the summer months.  The lake is a bit cool, but it never really warms up that much anyways and you can go sailing without the constant barrage of wakeboard boats sending you waves.  You can even relax on one of the many public beaches without having to fight through the crowds to find a place to lay down for some sun.


For those of you that read this and think, “yeah! why don’t I go to Kelowna this spring?”  You’re in luck.  Canadian Hockey Enterprises still has for men’s and women’s recreational hockey teams on the weekends of April 11 – 13 and April 25 – 27.  So if you and your friends want to take advantage of this great destination but need some incentive, give us a call and we’ll help make this dream trip a reality.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises


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