CHE’s 28th Annual Christmas Hockey Camp

Many great things happened in 1987; Mario Lemieux emerged as a true superstar after teaming up with Wayne Gretzky and CHE staff Steve Larmer to dominate the Canada Cup, ultimately scoring the winning goal to defeat the USSR, the Edmonton Oilers won their 3rd straight Stanley Cup, and Peterborough Petes head coach Dick Todd won the Matt Leyden trophy for OHL Coach of the Year.  It was a big year for Peterborough hockey and got even bigger when in early July a small hockey camp started in Ennismore and Canadian Hockey Enterprises (CHE) was officially established.

80s off ice

It’s often hard to believe that 28 years has passed since that first camp in Ennismore, and though the hockey world has continuously changed with the times, CHE has done our best to keep up with the ebbs and flows of the game and community.  Now the largest hockey camp provider in the world with camps for men, women, boys and girls all over North America, CHE has never forgotten its roots.  By keeping close to local hockey sentiment are able to remain current and the Christmas Hockey Camp is a great example of how.

CHE (69)

Traditionally the Christmas Hockey Camp was just a 3 day, 2 hours per day refresher over the holidays for local players to get the extra edge during the break.  But it was after playing some hockey on the lake in 2012 that CHE began offering a 3 on 3 pond hockey style tournament along with the 3 day camp.  Camps are great for working on fundamentals, but what was missing was the freedom to get out on the ice and mess around with friends in a relaxed environment.  Players can sign up as teams or individuals that are placed on teams, and on January 2 head to the Evinrude Centre to play 3 or 4 short games on half the ice.  Small ice sheets with small teams equals a ton of time with the puck, plenty of opportunity to try new things, and most importantly, a great deal of FUN.  Isn’t hockey is supposed to be fun?!?


Don’t miss an opportunity to get involved with the 28th Annual Christmas Hockey Camp and/or 3 on 3 Pond Hockey Tournament this winter season.  With Power Skating & Skills for players and a Specialized Goalie Camp for the tenders, there’s something for every future hockey star.  Visit our website at or grab a brochure from one of the local arenas for details.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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