Where you at CHE?

Camo Hat

Like an exciting game of Where’s Waldo, if you look long and hard you can see it.  And just like that, the best logo in hockey reveals itself….Doesn’t really work well on a desk, but I bet if I took this picture in the forest people would get the idea that our new Camo hats not only look great but also help the top half of your head disappear in certain settings.  Unfortunately I can’t take another picture as they’ve all been sent to Montreal for this weekends Canadian Cup, launching the beginning of our Youth Tournament season.


36 youth and high school teams from all across the North East descend upon the hockey mecca that is Montreal for this weekends Canadian Cup, and although we’ve already held a small tournament in Lake Placid, this weekend feels like the real beginning of CHE’s winter youth tournament season.  This weekend is sold out, as is next weekends event and MLK weekend in Lake Placid but we still have limited spots for teams in:

Montreal – February 13 – 15 & March 13 – 15

Quebec City – January 16 – 18

Lake Placid – January 1 – 4, January 29 – February 1 & February 19 – 22

If you know a team in Montreal this weekend but didn’t get the chance to make it there yourself, you can keep track of your teams progress by clicking the SCORES section of our website.  If your team is interested in participating in one of our remaining youth tournaments you can CLICK HERE to view all tournament details and prices and can give me a call at 1-800-461-2162 to ask about availability.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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