CHE + Nationwide Lacrosse

Like Forrest & Jenny, hockey and lacrosse go together like peas & carrots.  You get the use some of the same equipment,  use the same arena pads and many current NHLer’s were also world class lacrosse players in their youth.  And it’s with these reasons in mind that CHE is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Nationwide Lacrosse in the first ever Lacrosse & Hockey Day program this August 3 – 7 in Peterborough, ON.


Shawn Evans and Brad Self are both Peterborough boys, born and bread, each having successful hockey careers, but it was lacrosse that they really excel at.  After a 5 year hockey career in Europe, Buffalo Sabres draft pick Brad Self hung up the skates and took up lacrosse full-time, joining the NLL with the Rochester Knighthawks in the winter, and continuing to play for the Peterborough Lakers where he’s been a part of 2 Mann Cup Championship teams.  Also from Peterborough and a former CHE Councilor, Shawn Evans is arguably the best lacrosse player in the world today, continually at the top of the scoring leaders in both the NLL and MLS.  After witnessing the professionalism of their lacrosse summer camp first hand last summer, we knew a combination of our programs would be a perfect fit.

20140223_200523 (1)

The premise of the program is simple; a half day of hockey camp instruction from CHE instructors, and a half day of lacrosse camp instruction from the team at Nationwide Lacrosse.  2 groups will do hockey in the morning and lacrosse in the afternoon, and 2 groups will do lacrosse in the morning and hockey in the afternoon with lunch served in the interim time for all groups.  1 camp, 2 sports.  What a great concept.

CHE (1)

For more information on the CHE/Nationwide Lacrosse & Hockey program you can CLICK HERE to check out details on our website.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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