Parent / Child Camp

There are few joys in life that can compare to watching your children grow up into little humans.  They begin life as an almost complete useless bag of bones, totally dependent on you as parents to take keep them alive and help them grow.  They slowly become tiny humans, capable of looking after everyday responsibilities like putting food in their own mouths and going to the bathroom on the toilet.  A few more years pass and you get to teach them all of the things you enjoy doing from sports, to looking at engines to cooking a delicious meal.  At this point the enjoyment of being with them vastly overshadows all of the work it took to get them where they are, and there’s no better feeling than discovering that your tiny human offspring loves the same things you do.


I tell you this corny story of parenthood firstly; because I seem to be at an age where I am surrounded by newborn babies and it’s all that is ever discussed, and secondly; because I’ve seen first hand the true joy on both parent and child’s faces after they finish the parent vs. child scrimmage in Lake Placid, NY.  There’s just a big, wide, sweaty smile!

Our Parent / Child Hockey Camp that takes place this June 11 – 14 is a wonderful place for adults and kids to head to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains for some sun, fun and world class hockey instruction.  No matter where you play, how long you’ve been playing, how old you are or how good you are, you’ll leave with significantly improved hockey skills, and hopefully a deeper relationship with your family.  Just to note, adults do not need to bring kids and can sign up for the adult portion of the camp alone.  Likewise, kids don’t have to come down with parents who play hockey, and if you just want to head to a world class destination such as Lake Placid and watch your child play hockey, you can do that too.  Adult and kids practice separately throughout the weekend, until the final scrimmage on Sunday when the Adult test their new skills against the younger and quicker legs of their kids in a battle royal that’s always the highlight of the weekend.

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For anyone interested there’s definitely still room in the camp for both adults and kids and you can CLICK HERE to check out details on our website, or give us a call at 1-800-461-2161 if you have more in depth questions.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

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