Lake Placid, NY

It’s often hard to believe this small town has hosted not one, but two Winter Olympics, especially when compared to the corporate sponsored leviathan of recent Olympic games.  There are very few places in the world that offer the picturesque surroundings, world class facilities and incredible history like Lake Placid, NY.  Arriving in this sleepy city nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains is like stepping into a time warp, where the hustle & bustle of regular life is replaced a quiet serenity that hearkens to a time before smartphones and social media.  CHE has been running hockey tournaments in Lake Placid for over 25 years, and here’s the top 3 reasons you should bring your team to Lake Placid this spring.


First Class Hockey Tournaments

First and foremost, you’ll be treated to a first class hockey tournament that CHE is renowned for.  A 3-game guarantee with tournament games played at the The Olympic Center including the Herb Brooks Arena, the setting for the famous Miracle on Ice in 1980. Featuring 2 Olympic sized ice surfaces and 1 NHL sized surface, this historic facility is located right in the heart of town, walking distance from most hotels.  Considering the relatively small stature of the town, there are plenty of great hotels in Lake Placid and participants will stay at the Crowne Plaza, Quality Inn, Hotel Northwoods, Summit Hotel & Wildwood.  Our professional tournament staff will make sure you’re in a competitive division with separate age and skill levels, including men’s and women’s divisions on both weekends.  Teams party and compete all weekend for an opportunity to create their own Miracle on Ice.


Great Outdoor Adventures

Beyond the rinks, restaurants and bars there’s plenty of fantastic outdoor activities for you and your teammates to experience while in Lake Placid.  It all depends on what the weather is doing which is always an uncertain and dramatic.  If you’re lucky enough to catch some late season snow you can hit the slopes at Whiteface Mountain, featuring the most vertical feet east of the Mississippi, and if skiing isn’t your thing, you can grab your skates and take a few laps of the Olympic Oval right beside the rink.  If spring comes early, there’s a good chance you can hit up one of the great golf courses in town such as Whiteface Club & Resort, Craig Wood or The Lake Placid Club which has 2 distinct 18-hole courses.  Regardless of weather, you can always go check out the Ski Jump and for those who are truly adventurous, take a ride down the Bobsled run, just 10 minutes from town.


Small Town, Big Party!

Lake Placid is truly a unique place for many reasons, but the most unique aspect is that it’s a small, intimate town with a lot of hotels and a world class 3 rink facility, so we’re able to put together a large event that we’re typically only able to do in large cities like Montreal or Las Vegas.  Like many of our other tournaments we put together a great tournament party where teams can relax and mingle after a hard day of competition, but when the party is over in a big city, teams have so many options for entertainment they rarely run into each other.  Conversely, there are only 5 or 6 watering holes in Lake Placid so the party never ends as teams all end up at the same spots each night, and you’re certain to have a drink or two with one of the other teams.  As an added bonus, both the April 15 – 17 & April 29 – May 1st weekends in Lake Placid have both men’s and women’s divisions so it’s not just leg wrestling and chugging contests with the boys, and the dance floor  is always hot in the Adirondacks.


With the Canadian dollar slipping lower and lower each day, it’s not as affordable for Canadian teams to head down as it has been for the past few years, so CHE is currently running a limited time offer to match teams initial $500 USD deposit, and you can read further details HERE.  There’s no excuse not to grab your teammates and head to Lake Placid for a metropolis sized tournament in a quaint, and historic mountain town.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises


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