Adult Tournament Season

With just one more Youth Tournament left on our docket (Canadian Cup March 11 – 13 in Montreal) it’s time we focus our attention to the 30 tournaments we’re holding for men’s and women’s recreational teams in 15 locations across North America this spring.  No matter how old your team is, what your skill level is or where you’re from, CHE almost certainly has a great tournament weekend for your team.  But we don’t just book ice, take your money and let you play away, so in an effort to clarify what makes OUR tournaments the best, here’s a few reasons why your team should check out a CHE event.


Great Locations

First and foremost, CHE only runs tournaments in locations your team wants to go to anyways.  Want some warm weather? Head to Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Las Vegas or Nashville and get a head start on summer.  Live in the west and don’t want to go south due to the exchange rate? There’s Vancouver, Kelowna, Whistler and 4 weekends in Banff your team can attend.  Want somewhere with some hockey legacy?  Quebec City, Montreal, Lake Placid, Chicago and Ottawa have tons of hockey history and are great cities for a weekend with your friends.  Love to gamble but tired of Vegas?  You can visit Canada’s little Vegas in Niagara Falls, go to London with a horse track and slots connected to the arena or head to the east coast and check out Atlantic City.  Regardless of what extra curricular activities you’re into, we’ve got a tournament in a city that will meet your teams needs.



If you’re a fortunate team, there’s one guy on your team who does all the dirty work; goes to scheduling meetings, orders the jerseys, collects payments and generally manages all of the non-hockey realities that are necessary for you to be able to show up and play.  Those guys are the best!!  Most teams distribute team responsibilities around to different team members, which works great for your once-a-week season, but makes it difficult to organize 12 guys, travelling 5 hours to play in a tournament for a weekend.  This is where CHE steps in.  We arrange hotels, meals, parties and all tournament aspects so the only thing your team needs to worry about is making it to town and showing up for your game.  Once you’ve arrived at your destination the rest is already set up and organized and your only concern is getting all of your teammates out of bed in the morning.  The great hotels we use in each location will make sure you’re all close together in the hotel so waking players up is as easy as knocking on a few door….sometimes.


Competitive Divisions

So you’ve found a city that entices your team, you’ve made it to the destination and everything has been set up to you liking.  Everything could be perfect but if you go to play your games and either kill or get killed 16-0 every game it’s going to be a less than memorable experience.  At CHE we take the utmost care to make sure you’re in a division appropriate for your teams age and skill level. For divisions we have each team complete a roster form listing each players age and then highest level of hockey played (Major Junior, Jr B, house league, etc).  We then group 4 – 6 teams into a division by comparing their rosters, what level they sign up as, where they’re from and how they’ve done in previous tournaments with us to ensure you’re playing against teams that are basically the same age and have the same level of hockey experience.  We’re less concerned with checking ID’s and more concerned with close game scores, and do everything in our power to keep games a close as possible.  We are not always perfect, but if we get you in the wrong division one year, you can be 100% confident you’ll be placed in the right division every tournament after that.

NOV 15 CHE Hockey

November 15, 2014: CHE tournament in Chambly, Quebec.

Friendly & Professional Staff

Whether you’re dealing with someone in our head office making changes to your room list, or with tournament staff at the event, all of our staff are professional and there to make sure this weekend goes as smoothly as possible for you and your team. We don’t have buddies volunteer for the weekend, but bring in a select group of courteous and competent people who all play and love hockey as much as you do.  We’ll be there to greet you first thing in the morning at the arena, say good night after the last game, and will most likely run into you later on in the evening, whether at the bar or in your hotel.

2015-04-12 11.09.06

Little kid feeling, big kid experience!

Though you probably won’t find time for a game of mini-sticks in the hotel hallway, it’s our goal to make the entire weekend event feel the same as it did when you were a kid.  From the player of the game awards presented to each team after every game, to the medal presentations on Sunday, the whole experience is enjoyably just like it was when you were young.  The only exception is that we substitute the Gatorade for ice cold beers, and all of the late night shenanigans your parents got into are now reserved for you and your teammates.  And trust me, there will be more than enough shenanigans to keep your dressing room in stitches for months to come.

2014-11-16 12.54.35

So for anyone that’s been convinced this is something they want to get into, take a look at our Tournament brochure HERE and see if you can find the right weekend and destination for your team to have the least stressful and most memorable weekend of the year.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises


Super Bowl Sunday Draw Winners!!!

Peyton Manning stole all of the headlines after the Denver Broncos recent victory at Super Bowl 50, but most people would argue it was the stellar play of the Broncos defense that brought Vince Lombardi trophy to the Mile High City.  February 7th was also a big winning day for 50 lucky customers here at CHE, who’ve each won a $200 bar tab at the tournament they’re attending this spring.  Take a look at the list below to see if your team came out a winner too.

Super Bowl Winners

No need to fret if you weren’t a winner this time, as our next draw takes place February 29th, 2016.  CLICK HERE for details on the draw and make sure to sign your team up right away for a chance to win.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises