Gotta Love Adult Tournament Season!

Our adult tournament season is in full swing!
So far this year we’ve already hosted tournaments in Nashville, Halifax, Montreal, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Lake Placid, Kelowna, Vancouver and Banff!!
We’ve seen some good hockey at each location but more importantly, we’ve shared some amazing times with tons of awesome people from across North America.
Sauce off
Whether it was having a drink post game at the rink, enjoying the city, watching playoff hockey together, or dancing at the CHE nighttime gatherings, so many laughs have been shared and lots of great memories created; each weekend has been so much!
5 bucks.jpg
The only negative from each weekend is having to say goodbye to everyone …but on the plus side, it gives us all something to look forward to again next year!
DucksIf you’re interested in putting a team into one of our adult tournaments, visit us at for locations and dates.
See you at the rink!