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Prize pack is valued at over $850.00

SpoonerOur past CHE campers include, BARRETT HAYTON, MIKE FISHER, NATALIE SPOONER, CORY PERRY and many, many more who went on to have great hockey careers!!

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Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Summer is a season that most people look forward; great weather, longer days and usually more time spent with friends and family. It’s also means summer camp season. For us here at CHE, it’s a time we look forward to all year. We have been running summer camps since 1987, so needless to say they have become a long-standing tradition for us.


For us, it all began in the small community of Ennismore, Ontario before moving 20 minutes south into Peterborough, Ontario and eventually expanding to include camps all over North America.


This year we have camps in Peterborough, Banff, Kelowna, Whistler, Vancouver, Lake Placid, Traverse City and Minneapolis.


At CHE we offer several different styles of camps, including a Power Skating & Skills program, Hockey Fundamentals, Snipers program, Defenceman, Specialized Goalie program, Acceleration; Goal Scoring & Puck Control, Junior/College/Showcase, an Elite program, Just for Girls, Tyke, Hockey & Lacrosse Program and a Multi-Sport program which includes Swimming, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball & Hiking …and of course, hockey!


Our programs range from beginner to advanced and feature instructors from various backgrounds such as OHL players, NCAA, Olympians, European Pros, plus a few surprise NHL guests; which this year will include superstars Mike Fisher and Corey Perry!

Online registration opened a few weeks ago and as always, the response has been tremendous. One thing about our camps is they always fill up fast so be sure to register early so you don’t miss out!!

1462308620167Register online at

Pre-Reg Draw Winners

CHE apologizes for being so late with the announcement of our Pre-Registration Draw Winners.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) we’ve made a number of changes to our 2015 Summer Camps and it’s taken us a little longer than normal to get the administrative side up to date in order to determine the draw winners.  So without further ado, here are the 2015 winners!

CHE (176)

Just for Girls Winners

Taya Beacom – Just for Girls Peterborough – FREE Residence at Hockey Camp

Madison Mishic – Just for Girls Traverse City – FREE Hockey Camp Tuition

Jillian Matthews – Just for Girls Kelowna – Autographed Jersey

CHE (68)

Innovative Camp Winners

Ben Witmer – Elite Camp Peterborough – FREE Residence at Hockey Camp

Isaac Thiel – Goalie Camp Kelowna – FREE Hockey Camp Tuition

Alex Tutaj – Power Skating & Goal Scoring Lake Placid – Autographed Jersey

CHE (56)

Congratulations to all winners!  Keep your eyes peeled for our 2015 Summer Hockey Camp brochures to be arriving at your door in the next two weeks.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Canada takes Gold!!!


A huge congratulations to everyone at Hockey Canada, especially the coaches and players who participated in the WJHC this past week.  A truly impressive and inspiring performance by a group of hyper-talented young men who took the energy of the Canadian crowds and propelled themselves to hang on to a 1 goal lead in one of the best 3rd period performances in recent memory.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Miracle on Ice


This version of the Miracle on Ice takes place at the CHE hockey tournament in lake Placid in April, 2008, where Alex Scalise of Pittsfield, MA and Terri Bullett of Chateauguay, QC were both registered for the tournament for the first time.

Alex-Terri 2

Alex went to Lake Placid because he was asked to play for another Massachusetts team that needed a goalie (not his regular team).  It was Terri’s team’s first time playing in Placid too.  They met on the Thursday night as their teams were both staying at the Golden Arrow on the same floor, two-three rooms apart.


After Alex’s team was eliminated on the Saturday, he was sulking in his beer when Terri stepped in to make him feel better. He saw some potential so decided to let her try and make him feel better for the rest of his life.


Terri and Alex spent the next few years living the miracle in QC and MA, running the Northway (Route 87 in New York) every other weekend so they could see each other and for their kids to spend time together.  This past August (2014), they got engaged and are planning their wedding in Lake Placid for next September.

Wedding invitation

Proof that miracles do happen in Lake Placid, on and off the ice ☺

Sue Rasmussen

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Batus Flames – Best Dressed of 2014!


There’s an army base, a British army base located just outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta.  At this base, large groups of advanced British military officers spend 1 – 3 years time practicing various acts of valor in the rolling hills of South-Eastern Albert.  They practice tank maneuvers, work on infantry tactics and will spend weeks at a time surviving in the wilderness, but the most nerve racking experience of their entire deployment takes place at the CFB Suffield Arena, where men and women learn to play hockey.


They not only love the game they pick up while visiting the great white north, but for the past 15 year we’ve been fortunate enough to have the BATUS teams attend various CHE tournaments.  This year, Andy Keohane was kind enough to bring the BATUS Flames to Kelowna, BC, and as they are every year, they were by far the best dressed teams there.  With matching socks, pants, gloves and helmets to go along with their flashy, European style jerseys with nick names embroidered on the back, they looked like a force to be reckoned with for sure.  But it was the uniforms they wore to the Friday night banquet that won them the honor of Best Dressed team of 2014.  Congrats to the BATUS Flames.

2014-04-25 20.12.15

As per last weeks post, we have left the top 2 locations from last weeks post and added a couple of new potential locations.  Don’t forget to vote for the next CHE location again this week.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Steve Webb #tbt


I’m sitting about 20 rows up at the Peterborough Memorial Centre watching the Petes take on the visiting Windsor Spitfires on a typical Thursday night of OHL action.  I never went to many games, but when CHE councillor and family friend Steve Webb was in town with the Spitfires it was as good a reason as any.  And finally, midway through the 3rd period, a quiet skirmish in the corner quickly erupted as Webby and Petes tough guy Matt Johnson squared off at the far end of the ice.  Giving up 7 inches and 25 pounds, little Webby (comparative term) did more than hold his own as he fired his fists as quickly humanly possible for a minute or so until both players fell to the ice on top of a pool of blood.  “Looks like Webby caught him.” said my dad as both players left the ice in front of a roaring crowd, the home town boy having beat up on the local teams goon.  Until we ran into him after the game, we had no idea how wrong we were.  “Got a fresh zipper Crow.” Steve says to my dad in a  wraspy voice with a wry smile and a wink.  He was never the biggest, fastest or strongest player, but there’s one thing that Steve Webb figured out early and did really well: stuck to his roll.


Drafted 176th overall to the Buffalo Sabres in 1994, it took just 2 years for Webby to make his mark in the NHL with the New York Islanders where he quickly gained the respect of his team-mates and the local community.  His hard nosed, blue collar style was exactly what the Long Island fans were looking for after years of sub par teams.  But it was during the 2002 playoff series against the Toronto Maple Leafs the he really made his mark, much to the chagrin of the Maple Leafs faithful.  He made such an impact with the Islander fans a packed Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum chanting his name after he annihilated Darcy Tucker into the boards. (Tucker had earlier taken out Islanders captain Michael Peca who missed the rest of the series).  For a self proclaimed ‘slow skater, bad passer and poor shooter” he had a fantastic career in Long Island.  And some dedicated fans have even compiled a video of his impact (literally & figuratively) here.  (NSFW + volume)


These days, Steve has taken his desire to help out his team mates and transferred those skills and desires to helping out people in need in his community.  He started to take part in organizing fundraisers for student athletes, super long bike rides for cancer and all kinds of community activities.  He founded the W20 Foundation in 2007 in order to help student athletes in need be able to attend the college or university of their choice.  W20 is encompassed within Team Up 4 Community and continue to help local athletes take the steps necessary to achieve their dreams.  (  He also works with the NHLPA as a divisional representative and from time to time he even graces us with his presence at one of our Adult Hockey Tournament or Camps.  Usually he goes to Lake Placid…he really likes Lake Placid.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Halloween #tbt

We’re going back….way back….all the way back to Halloween 2011.


For this weeks Throwback Thursday we’re going to keep it in the family for the Halloween edition with a hockey twist.  It was October 30, 2011 and my little 4 year old nephew Owen was pumped about the spiderman costume he was going to wear the next day.  A little too excited.  He was literally bouncing around the rec room displaying his natural ability to shoot webs from his wrists and subsequently end up at that location that his energy and exuberance got the better of him.  A one foot wide table/bar, placed against the back of the couch would be little spidey’s undoing.  As he tried to pull himself onto this table he so recently caught with his webs, the narrow bar leaned back until it overcame Owen, knocking him on his back and landing right smack on his tiny, tiny nose.


The result was less than pleasant and young Owen was rushed to the hospital with a broken nose, a small cut requiring some stitches and a couple of beautiful shiners.  And the worse thing was, his face was too sore to wear the spiderman mask.  Luckily Owen comes from a family with a rich history of bloody noses and black eyes.  He comes from a hockey family and soon the tragedy was turned to triumph as the red and blue spidey costume was replaced with the red, gold, black and white of an Ottawa Senators jersey, and just like that, a hockey goon was born.


Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Girls Giving Back

ImageIt was a beautiful afternoon in Canmore when I approached a group of campers playing basketball outside the high school.  As I like to do at the end of each week, I casually asked the group of 10 – 13 year olds what their favorite part of the week was, and was shocked by their response.  “The lecture” replied one girl immediately.  “Yeah! The lecture on Tuesday with Caroline Ouellette.” replied another.  Meeting an idol like Caroline Ouellette can be exciting for sure, but this week of camp in the rockies included 15 hours of on-ice instruction from some of the worlds best female players, fun games on and off the ice, nature hikes along the Bow River, a camp talent contest and even some white water rafting.  What on earth did Caro talk about that trumped all of that? “She told us about how important it is to work hard in school so we can play at a good University.” they told me. Now that’s confusing!Image

My realization that I don’t understand kids notwithstanding, the story made me think about the grander issue at play.  As a director of Just for Girls hockey camps, I’m constantly doing comparisons between the girls and guys hockey and one thing I’ve noticed this year separates the two completely, and it’s about giving back.  The best female players make a point of giving back to the sport that gives them notoriety and the best example is Caroline Ouellette, or Caro as she’s known by her teammates.

3 Olympic Golds, 5 World Championships, 2 Clarkson Cups and an astounding NCAA career that leaves her 10th in all-time scoring.  There’s nothing Caroline has to prove to anyone at this point, she’ll go down as one of the best to ever play, and yet she’s still so driven.  As I arrived in Canmore to set up the camp, she was biking 125 km with 300 others to raise money for Right to Play.  The next day she was on the ice instructing, but taking time after practice to pose for some photos and sign some autographs.  You’d think with a resume like hers she’d tell people about all the great things she’s done, but instead, she talks about the kids; their future and the importance of education.

Caro is just one example in a sea of motivating and inspiring people that compete in ladies hockey.  Where the high level men tend to hide in their mansions and on their private golf courses, the ladies are out there each summer, teaching, mentoring, and helping to grow the sport that they themselves created.  By sharing their love for the game with the campers, they’re ensuring the future of women’s hockey and I can tell you for sure that it’s only going to get better.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Hockey is Passion

Photo Apr 28, 2 42 27 PM

The two best things about working for Canadian Hockey Enterprises are the fantastic places we get to travel to, and seeing how passionate people are about hockey.  It doesn’t matter if I’m witnessing the joy on a girls face as she gets chased around the ice by Meghan Agosta, or the massive smile on the face of the captain of a men’s’ team when we present the Lefty Wilson Championship trophy, the passion and excitement is the same and it’s inspiring.  But like anything, when you’re constantly surrounded by it you tend to not notice it.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I peeked out at the game on Rink 2 at Isatis Sport Chambly on April 26th to watch The Cowboys from Barrie take on Strange Brew from Newcastle in the opening game of the 35+ division.  Both teams had been to Montreal before and there wasn’t anything particularly special about the game, except for the player wearing number 5 for the Cowboys.  Dave Gillham has a great stride and plays a sounds positional game on D, but as a member of Strange Brew breaks down his wing, Dave throws himself on the ice and takes out puck and player.  Not the most graceful play, but he gets the job done.


You see, Dave had an electrocution accident at work and lost both of his arms, a setback that would have stopped most people from playing any sports at all, but not Dave.  A lifelong player, Dave had to basically learn the game from scratch and luckily he had a great group of guys to help him do that.  In the words of his captain Leonard Del Duca “he is my HERO!”, and the rest of the Cowboys feel the same and are more than happy to have on the team.  A couple of guys help him get dressed before the game, and when they pass to Dave they have to make sure to follow the pass so Dave can get it back to them just like a soccer play.  He blocks shots, chases down players and will literally throw himself in the way of anything if it will help the team.

And help the team he did as the Cowboys went on to win the Holiday Inn Midtown Championship trophy, but the true winners that weekend was anyone who had a chance to speak with Dave and his teammates.  That kind of passion for hockey combined with the camaraderie of his teammates and opponents was inspiring to everyone in Montreal that weekend.  You can read a more thorough article on Dave’s journey here and a great 16:9 video here.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises