Adult Camp #TBT


Man Paul looks great in that tracksuit!

Found this beautiful old brochure for our Adult Hockey Camps in Lake Placid, NY for Throw Back Thursday.  Strange thing is, 12 years later our 2013 brochure design has changed quite a bit, but all 3 faces on the 2001 brochure will be back in Lake Placid this October 10 – 13.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this picture perfectly captures the halfway point of the 26 year relationship we’ve had with both Dean Gervais and Richie Macias who’ve attended almost every camp in Placid since the beginning.  We have some fantastic, long time relationships with many customers from the different aspects of our business, but there really is nothing close to the bond that’s held between CHE and our adult campers, and the adult campers bond with each other.  So if you’re in love with the game, like travelling, eating great meals and meeting new people drop us a line as we still have a few spots left in Lake Placid this year.


Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises