Introducing Throw Back Thursdays #tbt

In honor of our upcoming hockey camp season, this “Throw Back Thursday” #tbt blog post is a look at the past, WAY in the past, where Canadian Hockey Enterprises started, in Ennismore, Ontario in 1987.

It was small, but the Ennismore location was a great spot to get our start and players such as Mike Fisher, Corey Perry and Jay Harrison learned the basics at these camps.  We may have moved to a two pad arena, added 5 more weeks of programs in Peterborough as well as Lake Placid, Traverse City, Kelowna, Canmore and Whistler, and lost the stunning polyester track suits, but our program and philosophy remains the same; bring in top notch instructors and emphasize the fundamentals of every aspect of the game.


On-ice instruction in Ennismore, in the ‘80’s…and check out those polyester track suits.  In this picture future stars receive instruction from Mark Freer & Ross Wilson who each played 16 years of professional hockey.

The best part about the Ennismore location was the adjacent soccer and baseball fields.  I can still remember lining up on the fence in the ball field so councilors such as Marty Wilford (Current Assistant Coach with Norfolk Admirals) and Colin Beardsmore (12 years European Pro) could shoot us with a tennis ball machine, or as they called it, dodge ball.


Here you can see a young Brian Weisenberg (6 years pro) and Cameron Mann (11 years pro) posing with the kids after a rousing game of lacrosse.


CHE President and General Manager Paul Crowley (right) and Glen Forbes (left) discuss strategy after the first successful summer.

Look forward to some more blasts from the past on #tbt with @CHE_Hockey

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

C.H.E. Says Hockey is A.O.K!

As a local business Canadian Hockey Enterprises was thrilled to be a part of the Hockey Day weekend here in Peterborough.  For any of you who were fortunate enough to witness this year’s Hockey Day in Canada on CBC you can clearly understand why the day was so exciting.  Seeing hundreds of kids playing pond hockey on a perfect afternoon in front of the iconic Liftlocks brought out the passion for hockey that burns inside everyone who’s ever played the game.  Passion is what CHE is all about and with hockey camps and tournaments for men, women, boys and girls; believe us when we say that Hockey is alive and thriving!


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