We have an awesome prize pack to give away which includes a Flexfit CHE hat, a Buttendz hat, a pair of CCM Hockey gloves, a Bauer Vapor X70 stick and a free tuition to next year’s CHE Summer Camp!!!

Prize pack is valued at over $850.00

SpoonerOur past CHE campers include, BARRETT HAYTON, MIKE FISHER, NATALIE SPOONER, CORY PERRY and many, many more who went on to have great hockey careers!!

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Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Summer is a season that most people look forward; great weather, longer days and usually more time spent with friends and family. It’s also means summer camp season. For us here at CHE, it’s a time we look forward to all year. We have been running summer camps since 1987, so needless to say they have become a long-standing tradition for us.


For us, it all began in the small community of Ennismore, Ontario before moving 20 minutes south into Peterborough, Ontario and eventually expanding to include camps all over North America.


This year we have camps in Peterborough, Banff, Kelowna, Whistler, Vancouver, Lake Placid, Traverse City and Minneapolis.


At CHE we offer several different styles of camps, including a Power Skating & Skills program, Hockey Fundamentals, Snipers program, Defenceman, Specialized Goalie program, Acceleration; Goal Scoring & Puck Control, Junior/College/Showcase, an Elite program, Just for Girls, Tyke, Hockey & Lacrosse Program and a Multi-Sport program which includes Swimming, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball & Hiking …and of course, hockey!


Our programs range from beginner to advanced and feature instructors from various backgrounds such as OHL players, NCAA, Olympians, European Pros, plus a few surprise NHL guests; which this year will include superstars Mike Fisher and Corey Perry!

Online registration opened a few weeks ago and as always, the response has been tremendous. One thing about our camps is they always fill up fast so be sure to register early so you don’t miss out!!

1462308620167Register online at

Adult Hockey Tournament Season is Fast Approaching!!

Our 2018 adult tournament season is fast approaching! With tournaments being hosted in close to twenty cities, we’re anticipating to see hundreds of players and guests this spring.

adult tournaments

Several of our locations are nearing capacity so we encourage anyone who is interested in putting in a team to do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The main focus of our tournaments is obviously hockey but it’s also our great locations that make each weekend a special getaway for your team and guests.

To ensure you get an amazing experience, our tournaments are always hosted in world renowned destinations that will keep everyone entertained, on and off the ice, for the weekend.

Las Vegas  

With the current success of the Golden Knights in their inaugural NHL season, Las Vegas has been a hot spot for us, with several teams electing to go there this year to be a part of what has become a hockey crazed city …while of course still maintaining its main moniker, Sin City. It’s always a great time in Vegas!

Also, on the west coast, we’ve got stops just above Vegas in beautiful British Columbia where we’ll be hosting tournaments in Vancouver, Whistler and Kelowna; which lies in the heart of the amazing Okanagan Valley; a must see for anyone who appreciates incredible scenery.


Other tournament stops for us this year include Quebec City, Mont Tremblant, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Halifax, Banff, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City, Lake Placid, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville and of course, a lot of teams’ favourite tournament stop, Montreal!


Whatever destination you choose for your team, it is always a great time on and off the ice! Just make sure you don’t wait too long to register as we are already starting to fill up in some cities. For a complete list tournament locations and dates, go to

See you at the rink!!

The CHE Experience!

For many of us, our minor hockey days have long since vacated our brains as the humdrum and monotony of everyday adult life takes over our mental faculties.  Wake up, get the kids off to school, head to work, head home, drive the kids to practice, eat some food, go to bed.  It seems the older we get the faster time goes, and it’s not until we’re able to escape the day-to-day life that we’re able to appreciate the little things.  This is where CHE steps in.  Our holiday hockey weekends provide a brief but exhilarating reprieve from the daily grind, and for a short window of time, everyone gets to feel like a kid again, and here’s why.

The Hangover Roadtrip

Philosophers and Facebook moms love to say “It’s not the destination, but the journey that’s important” or something along those lines, and for our adult hockey players this holds true.  The tournament begins when you’ve loading up the 3 – 5 vehicles with your gear and luggage for the trip with your teammates.  The 5 or so hours spent on the road getting to the tournament are typically the most energetic hours for every player on the team, as the excitement of the weekend ahead gets everyone’s blood going, and from the time you leave the driveway to the time you get into your hotel room the hooliganism expected from a 12 person road trip is at fever pitch.


Tournaments were always a highlight of every youth hockey players year, but it always seemed like the parents were having more fun that the kids as they travelled room to room in the hotel for drinks, cards and general revelry until the wee hours of the morning.  With CHE you’re both the player and the parent and there is no shortage of shenanigans in the hotel whether you’re doing the hotel room beer crawl or playing practical jokes on your teammates.  The stories of what goes down each night don’t often get revealed to outsiders, but there’s always plenty of evidence of good times had in the hotel lobby each morning as blood shot eyes try not to make contact with any direct light.


Once you’ve gotten your entire team out of bed, filled with coffee and over to the arena the fun just keeps going.  There’s never a shortage of bellowing laughter coming from the dressing rooms as players reminisce about all of the debauchery that took place the night before.  Luckily we provide complimentary Gatorade for the players to replenish their electrolytes for the big game ahead.  After the game is finished and the player of the game awards have been handed out, it’s time to head back to the locker room for a refreshing beer and the whole cycle starts again.


At CHE we try and do all of the thinking for you so you can make the most of your weekend away.  Our all-inclusive packages make sure your team is in a great hotel that located exactly where you want to be.  We include the basic meals like breakfasts and lunch to make sure your fuzzy head doesn’t need to make any tough decisions, and our professional tournament staff is always around to answer any questions you might have.  And if you’re lucky enough to survive the chaos of the weekend, you might just head home with the championship trophy!


So this season, when the daily routine is causing your hair to fall out, grab your teammates and head to one of our fantastic holiday hockey tournaments.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Tournament of Champions Season

2013-10-09 11.28.46

After 4 years of success and continuous growth at our Tournament of Champions (TOC) tournament in Las Vegas, Canadian Hockey Enterprises is thrilled to announce the expansion of our Tournament of Champion series of tournaments this November and will now be in Las Vegas, Banff, and Montreal.


On November 6 – 9, 2014 we will once again be heading to beautiful and exciting Las Vegas, NV to kick off the TOC tournament season with winners and runner ups from our 2014 tournaments flying in from all directions.  Team can book their own accommodations, or choose to stay on the CHE package at beautiful Excalibur Hotel & Casino right on the strip.

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens - Game One

The following weekend, November 14 – 16, the TOC championship trophy will travel right across the continent to the wonderful and unique city of Montreal, QC.  Montreal has arguably the greatest hockey culture and history in the world, and the Habs are in town on Saturday night to play the Philadelphia flyers, and teams who participate will be staying in downtown Montreal at the Chateau Champlain Marriott.


Once the TOC trophy has been handed to teams in the desert, then teams in la belle provence, the cup gets back on a plane and heads to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for the TOC event in spectacular Banff, AB November 21 – 23, 2014.  Teams will be able to choose a 3 or 4 day package staying at the Caribou Lodge and Inns of Banff, both walking distance from the city center.


For more information on all of our Tournament of Champion (TOC) events, please CLICK HERE to view our 2014 Fall Tournament brochure for men’s and women’s teams.


Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Canada’s 2014 Men’s Olympic Roster


The US quickly announced their team shortly after the Winter Classic, Sweden, Finland and Russia quietly released their line-ups on the internet as the week went on, and then there’s Canada.


As of yesterday, the Team Canada roster was to be announced by 10:30 am.  By 10:30 am this morning, the roster was going to be announced at 11:00 am.  At 11:00 am, Steve Yzerman finally took the stage.  Team Canada did an amazing job of dragging out the announcement of the team, culminated by Mr. Yzerman’s extremely long winded introduction.  But finally, after 4 long years of anticipation, countless rosters and bubble men presented by the various sports news outlets, and plenty of office bets, the Team Canada roster was officially released in full by 11:42 am.


With the depth of hockey talent available, there were many spots that were locked up well before the announcement, specifically in the goal tending department where all 3 selected (Price, Luongo, Smith) were expected to make the team.  There’s really only 2 players on the roster that caught me off guard; Dan Hamhuis and Steve Stamkos.  Hamhuis’s selection surprised me for no other reason than I had no idea he was even on the radar.  There are so many strong Canadian defensemen that I honestly didn’t think Hammer was even in contention, but as a big, strong defensive minded player, I think he’s a great pick and really rounds out the Canadian D as there’s plenty of fire power with Subban, Doughty and Weber.


Most people had Stamkos on their line-up even though he suffered a broken leg less than 2 months ago and has barely skated since.  I think that most people assume that he’ll be back to full form by the time the games get going in February, but the likelihood of him going from a walking cast to competing at the level the entire country is expecting is a bit of a stretch.  My reasoning is not whether Stamkos has the necessary speed and skill to be on the Olympic team, he obviously has it in spades.  My concern is whether or not it’s worth assuming he’s going to be a full capacity in a month while leaving so many talented players to watch on TV.


Speaking of players who didn’t make it, how about Stamkos’s teammate and 2010’s outside-looking-in man Martin St. Louis.  Everyone has had St. Louis on the bubble for the entire season as there’s a plethora of reasons why he should or shouldn’t make the team.  Pros: explosive speed and creativity with the puck which work perfectly on the Olympic ice, natural leader, has been top 10 in scoring in the NHL each year since 2010, has carried Tampa Bay since the departure of Stamkos (proving he doesn’t rely entirely on Stamkos), and plays for Yzerman!  Cons: he’d be the oldest player on the team (last 2 Canadian Olympic Golds have featured many players in their late 30’s/early 40’s), he’s not very big, doesn’t have the Team Canada traditional resume.  Right now he’s sitting 24th in the NHL in points and the only players ahead of him in points that aren’t headed to Sochi are Canadians Joe Thornton, Taylor Hall and Tyler Sequin.  Call me crazy, but on a team loaded with play making centermen, why they took Duchene or Benn (both behind him in points and Centermen) made it over Marty (a natural winger) is beyond me.


The image above displays what might be considered Team Canada B, and although they probably wouldn’t do very well at this year’s Olympics, we’d be tickled pink if we could send this team to the World Championships at the end of the season.  So while I complain ademently about St. Louis being left off the roster again, our country is so deep in exceptional hockey talent that ultimately there’s no way to pick a team without leaving a few superstars and well deserving players at home.


Overall it looks like Team Canada will be a strong contender to bring home the Olympic Gold in men’s hockey, and though they’ll have to compete against some pretty heavily star laden teams like Sweden, Russia and Team USA, I know I’m not alone in my excitement to watch a full tournament of all star teams compete for their country.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises