USA! Meet Jay & Dan


A great loss for Canada is America’s gain. ┬áCheck out this great interview with Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole about tackling the US sports audience with their unique brand of sports broadcasting.

Dan O’Toole in Kelowna!

imageThe Okanagan Valley is blessed with many things; ideal weather every season of the year, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains that are dotted with vineyards, and no bugs! None. Not a single mosquito in sight. But from April 19-21 the city of Kelowna was blessed with the presence of the one and only Dan O’Toole. Each year at a couple of chosen events CHE invites Dan to come and mingle with the men and women at our adult tournaments. He hops on the bench mid game and helps coach a team to victory, does post game interviews with the player of the game or just casually talks with players at the bar.

I thought Dan was pretty popular in eastern Canada, but I didn’t consider that his 1:00am EST broadcast is the 10:00pm broadcast in BC and I’ve never seen so many fans get excited to meet a sports broadcaster. The recent success of the Jay and Dan Podcast (#1 on iTunes) has helped to bolster his reputation as well, but the one thing that people can’t get over is also the basis for his success: he’s exactly the same as the man he plays on TV. He’s more than happy to take a few pictures, sign an autograph or just talk about sports, family or growing up on a farm.

I’ll be posting a photo collage of pictures I’ve received with Dan and some players onto our Facebook page ( on Tuesday April 30th. Whichever picture receives the most likes within a week will receive a gift from CHE so go check them out and pick your favorite shots.

Graydon Crowley
Canadian Hockey Enterprises