Canada-USA Womens Hockey Brawl

It’s not something you see everyday, but we may see it again soon.

As the perennial top 2 teams in Womens Hockey, Team Canada and Team USA opened their 6 game Olympic tune up series in Burlington Vermont on October 12th.  As with all previous Olympics, the two teams are the overwhelming favourites to battle for the gold medal in Sochi this February.  That said, between the two, there’s not a lot of disparity and their match-ups are often intense and physical, but I don’t  think anyone saw this coming.  Canada held a 3-2 lead with just over 3 minutes left in the third period when USA’s Monique Lamoureux drove hard to the net, taking out Canada’s Sharon Szabados in the process, leading to an all out line brawl.

Canada ended up holding the USA off and winning the game 3 – 2.  The two teams will square ff again tomorrow night in Boisibriand, QC and 4 more times before the new year so expect to see some more fireworks between these well matched squads as they tune up for the Olympics.  Click here for a list of game dates and locations.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Is Fighting Part of the Game?

Video and article reigniting the fighting in hockey debate.  Is fighting just “part of the game”, or should players be held legally responsible for actions they take during a game?  With all the knowledge and awareness about the dangers of concussions and steps taken to drastically decrease hits to the head, has the game already transitioned away from the old time hockey standard?  One things for certain; you’ll see more articles like this than less in the future.