1933 Cup Finals #TBT (click to watch)

Finally some action I can follow.  In this brief clip of game 4 of the 1933 Stanley Cup finals between the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers, the first thing I noticed was how slow everything happens.  You can still see the grit and determination necessary to win the cup, but the action itself moves at a pace that could be followed by a first time viewer.

I’ve played hockey my entire life at various levels and now work at a hockey company and get to see what all of the kids coming up are doing now.  That said, I had a hard time following the play during the recent cup finals; it was just too fast.  With all of the positive advancements in equipment technology and rule changes brought in to make the game more exciting, I fear they’ve created a game too quick for a non-hockey fan to get a grasp of.  Perhaps its time to bring back FoxTrax to help all of us keep track of what’s going on in the new, superfast NHL.

Graydon Crowley

Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Is Fighting Part of the Game?

Video and article reigniting the fighting in hockey debate.  Is fighting just “part of the game”, or should players be held legally responsible for actions they take during a game?  With all the knowledge and awareness about the dangers of concussions and steps taken to drastically decrease hits to the head, has the game already transitioned away from the old time hockey standard?  One things for certain; you’ll see more articles like this than less in the future.